What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is the practice of Yogic 'sleep'.

It is a self-created a conscious state that rests on the edge of sleep in that you are fully conscious and awake but the body/mind is ‘sleeping’. Deep transformation can happen in Yoga Nidra because you learn to let go (with purpose) and open up to your own felt-sense of being at your core. It’s here where you can know an experience of who you are and what you are for. This feeling may come as an energy, an insight or impulse that permeates into the subconscious through practice, bringing powerful potential for healing and self-growth.Yoga Nidra is always practiced Savasana (Corpse pose - which is often said to be the easiest posture to do but the most difficult to master). Here, you lie on your back, get comfortable, close your eyes, and settle in with purpose. In our regular YLP classes, Yoga Nidra practice is divided into two parts. However, Yoga Nidra can be a much longer, stand alone practice and can sometimes last for an hour.

Don't worry. You will not be left lying on your mat in silence. Mick will use considerable skill and experience to guide you through the practice, directing your attention/awareness throughout your body/mind.

Adopting Savasana

There is a special way to drop down into Savasana which Mick will guide through.